Volunteer Opportunities

Summer 2019

STC New England invites you to contribute to the success of the chapter by volunteering for one of our open roles. Experienced volunteers are preferred, but mentors are available for most roles to teach the required skills. Most positions can be filled remotely.

Volunteering adds valuable experience to your résumé and expands your career network. Interested in becoming a team lead or moving into management at work? Volunteering for a nonprofit organization such as ours is an excellent way to gain experience in tasks that don’t always fall to a technical writer, in a safe and supportive environment.

Contact president@stcnewengland.org to volunteer or if you have questions.

Chapter Archivist

  • Description: Are you a collector, a curator, a completist, a pack rat? Would you like to create a history of the Boston/New England Chapter? As we move to our new website we want to collect and archive the records, events, photos, and articles that chronicle over 60 years of our history as one of the founding chapters of the Society.
  • Skills: Information collection, organization, and cataloging; ability to contact and work with current and former members who have information to share.
  • Time Requirement: No specific requirement
  • Resources Available: TBD

Program Committee Member

  • Description: Do you enjoy event planning? Are you organized, detail-oriented, and interested in energizing our monthly programs? The Program Committee plans 6–12 monthly programs and activities and coordinates them with speakers, social media, and webinar hosts.
  • Skills: Event planning; ability to contact and work with speakers and venue managers
  • Time Requirement: 5-15 hours/month
  • Resources Available: Written descriptions and checklists, a large list of potential speakers, and some venues already lined up. Mentoring available.

Webinar Host

  • Description: Set up 6–12 webinars and monitor them live for attendee questions and quality issues. Includes free registration to each meeting. Can work on site or remotely.
  • Skills: Proficiency with GoToMeeting software
  • Time Requirement: 2 hours/meeting
  • Resources Available: Instructions and notes; mentoring

Student Outreach Coordinator

  • Description: Would you like to work with the next generation of practitioners? Establish and maintain contacts with academic undergraduate and graduate programs in New England offering certificates, degrees, or graduate degrees in technical communication. Communicate information about STC and the New England Chapter to program liaisons. Promote and coordinate meetings between Chapter members and students.
  • Skills: Ability to contact and work with academic program directors; event planning
  • Time Requirement: 5 hours/month
  • Resources Available: Mentoring