Making Sense of Documentation Quality

Steve Jong

On Wednesday, February 9, noon-1pm, Steve Jong, an STC Fellow and a pillar of the New England chapter, is presenting “Making Sense of Documentation Quality.”

This webinar describes the concepts of documentation quality, discusses how to take measurements, differentiates between product, process, and professional quality with practical examples of each, and offers these categories as a useful framework for classifying candidate metrics.

The objectives of this webinar are

  • Review the characteristics of a metric so attendees can select valid ones
  • Provide a classification framework for documentation quality metrics
  • Offer attendees examples of common, useful quality metrics

The takeaways from this webinar will be:

  • An understanding of what makes for a valid and useful metric
  • A framework to classify potential metrics as either product, process, and professional
  • A test for selecting metrics for the attendee’s environment

For current CPTC certificants: This webinar provides 2 CEUs for recertification, in the Project Planning core competency area.


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