February Program: Information Architecture

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What Is Information Architecture? A Guide for Technical Communicators

Coming up Thursday, February 17: Information architecture has been with us for years. It’s also been around long enough to have become a sprawling topic whose complexity can be difficult to implement and manage.

In this presentation, we’ll first look at what information architecture is and why it matters, with a focus on keeping it simple and manageable. We’ll take a look at some details from the author’s, user’s, and organization’s viewpoint. From the author’s viewpoint, we’ll look at authoring tool features like templates, stylesheets, and reusable content. From the user’s viewpoint, features like indexing vs. searching, search filters, and microcontent. (These features are found in MadCap Flare, but this is not a presentation about Flare.) Finally, from the organization’s viewpoint, we’ll look at efforts like training of authors, definition of and adherence to authoring standards, and the use of development analytics (often over strenuous objections on employees’ parts) and governance.

About the Program

What: What Is Information Architecture? A Guide for Technical Communicators
Who: Neil Perlin
When: Thursday, 17 February 2022, 6:30-7:30 pm ET
Where: Webinar
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About the Presenter

Neil PerlinNeil has over 40 years of experience in tech comm, with 36 in training, consulting, and development for various online formats and tools including WinHelp, HTML Help, CE Help, JavaHelp, WebHelp, RoboHelp, ForeHelp, MadCap Flare, and others. He is Madcap certified for Flare, Mimic, and Central.

Neil is a frequent speaker at MadWorld and the author of books about Flare, mobile app development, and project management. He provides training, consulting, development, and troubleshooting for online help and documentation, Flare, Mimic, single-sourcing, topic-based and structured authoring, and content strategy. He lives in northern Vermont, where he indulges his nerdier hobbies like designing and building telescopes.

He can be reached at nperlin@nperlin.digitalspacemail8.net.