Help Update the Chapter’s Bylaws

Gavel resting on keyboard

We’re looking for a few volunteers to help us update the STC New England bylaws. If you’re interested in helping shape the future of the organization, please join us.

The bylaws set out the operating rules for the Chapter. They were last updated in 2013, and today feel cumbersome for the more lightweight organization we’ve become.

Any changes to the bylaws must be compatible with the bylaws of STC itself. Some changes can be enacted by the Administrative Council, while others require approval of the Chapter membership. We want to offer proposed changes to the Council for ratification by this spring and to the membership for approval as part of the Council election.

Volunteers should be STC members, preferably with experience drawing up or working within organizational bylaws.

To learn more about participating or to volunteer, contact Steve Jong, STC New England Immediate Past President, at

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