Looking Past the Present Toward the Future

Steve Jong

As reported elsewhere, the virtual InterChange, held on 24 April, was successful. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic forced some radical changes, but thanks to the hard work of the InterChange Committee and the dedication of the presenters we pulled it off. Now we’re surveying attendees and taking stock of what we want to do in the future.

The virtual STC Summit started this evening. If you’re attending, we’d like to hear your impressions. Contact me if you’re willing to share your trip report. For my part, I attended the virtual President’s reception. It was good to see both familiar and new faces. The annual business meeting, normally part of the Summit, is now scheduled for 3 June. STC bylaws require a quorum of members, so please join in if you can. You’ll hear the formal announcement of the election results, see the Board and staff members, get an idea of how the organization operates, vote on motions, and even have an opportunity to make your voice heard by asking questions.

Next month we will have our end-of-year event. Once again, the pandemic will force changes from our traditional format. We will most likely hold a virtual, free event. If you’ve been inside for the last few months it might be time for some social interaction. Check the website for details.

While some things have changed, other things have not. Next month also marks the end of the Chapter year. After two years as president I will be moving on. What happens then depends on you. It doesn’t take many people to run the chapter, but it takes some. You’ve heard me call for volunteers for the administrative council; now is the time to step forward. In recent years you’ve seen other chapters consolidate. Since I’ve been involved with STC I’ve watched the Boston, Northern New England, Vermont, and Connecticut Chapters coalesce into the New England Chapter. Chapters falter not because of a lack of money or members, but volunteers. As one of the founding chapters of the Society, it would be a shame to see the same fate befall us. Long-time members like me enjoy the opportunity for face-to-face social interaction, while newer members enjoy the focus on local jobs, companies, and issues. The next nearest chapters are outside New England, so all of that is at risk.

You know what needs to be done. Will you do it?

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