A Bountiful Crop of Activities

Steve Jong

This part of New England is apple country, and this year’s crop has been bountiful. I wish I had done more with my own tree, but man does not live on pie alone. Besides, the Chapter year is now in full swing, and there’s much to attend to here.

STC Honors: Technical communicators with 15 years of experience and five years as STC Senior members are eligible for consideration as Associate Fellows. In turn, Associate Fellows who have continued their experience and membership are eligible for consideration as Fellows. If you are eligible for either of these honors, you should have received an invitation to apply from one of the nominating committees; and if you’ve received an invitation, please consider applying. Take it from me, professional recognition is deeply satisfying. You may think you “haven’t done enough,” but the criteria are clearly laid out on stc.org, and you may be surprised at how much you’ve actually accomplished in your career. We look forward to recognizing you as an Associate Fellow or a Fellow!

Volunteers like you needed: The Administrative Council and the InterChange Committee are both actively preparing this year’s events. Both teams need more volunteers to fully succeed. The Council needs more councilors at large to contribute their perspective and lend a hand. The Committee needs more volunteers to attend to specific tasks. Volunteering only takes a few hours a week, you’ll be able to attend InterChange at a reduced rate, and you’ll be benefitting every member of our Chapter. If you can help, please contact me at president@stcnewengland.org.

Membership renewal and mentoring: It’s membership renewal season, and we’re offering a free program admission to a new member who selects the New England Chapter. And if you’re a new member looking to advance your career, check out our mentoring program.

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