The Prez Says, May 2019

The Chapter year is drawing to a close, and we’ve accomplished a lot: successful programs and workshops, the InterChange conference, a regional publications competition, and our first Community of Achievement award in several years. These things don’t just happen by themselves. Behind the scenes, volunteers are working to update our website (saving us money in the process), maintain the job bank, manage the membership list, keep us visible on social media, and more. The Administrative Council is coordinating these activities and sharing the workload as well. I’m grateful for everything they’ve done.

As part of the cycle, it’s time to look ahead to next year and the challenge of keeping up the positive momentum. The Chapter will be in the capable hands of Jen Bergus-Sesay, and we will have a strong core of Council members and volunteers. But we also have openings, and opportunities for you to contribute to the Chapter’s ongoing success and acquire valuable leadership skills in return.

We will shortly announce a nomination period for the Council election. There are several open positions, notably vice president, treasurer, and councilor at large.

  • The role of vice president is for someone who wants to step up to a meaningful leadership role that demonstrates your professional commitment and makes your résumé stand out prominently. You’ll be within a supportive structure: not only are you part of a leadership chain, but the Society offers support to communities and presidents. It’s a multi-year commitment (you will serve as VP, President, and then Immediate Past President), but it brings significant visibility and future leadership opportunities at the Society level. The Chapter offers a subsidy for the VP to attend Leadership Day at next year’s Summit.
  • The treasurer, along with the president, prepares the budget (from a template and past models) and then keeps watch over income and expenses. If you’ve held the role in a club or group, or even if you’ve managed a household budget, this is a job you can do. Mentoring (and a handbook!) is available.
  • Councilor at large is a voting position that customarily oversees a volunteer area as well. It’s a good role for someone with an interest in a particular Chapter activity or someone interested in a future Chapter leadership role who wants to get a close look at what’s involved first.

Anyone can volunteer, but you must be an STC member to assume a Council role.

When you receive the call for nominations, please consider whether you, or someone you know, might be up to the challenge of leading the Chapter forward. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me or any other Council member for more information.

I hope you will come to the end-of-year event next month to thank the Council and other volunteers for their service this year—and, perhaps, to take your place among them for next year!

Steve Jong

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