The Prez Says, February 2019

Steve Jong

It doesn’t look like it now, but spring is coming. And we’re planning for it.

Inter”Changes”: A few years ago we shifted the date of the InterChange conference from the spring to the fall. We’ve had several years of results to look at, and we’re thinking of making further changes to ensure the conference’s viability. We’re still recruiting the conference committee, most notably a conference manager. If you want to help—and have a say in how to make InterChange even better!—now is the time. If you want to advance your career by demonstrating your ability to manage a project, this can be a significant opportunity for you. Please contact us.

Registration is open for the Summit in beautiful Denver, CO (5–8 May 2019). But first I want to call your attention to an upcoming free STC webinar: “Is Content Delivery Possible Without Breaching New Data-privacy regulations?” (21 February, 2 pm Eastern). You can register here.

Our friends in the Philadelphia Metro Chapter [] are once again hosting CONDUIT, the mid-Atlantic regional conference, at the Franklin Institute on Friday and Saturday, April 5–6. Our own Neil Perlin is the keynote speaker, and there’s a good lineup of workshops and presentations. (Disclaimer: one is mine.) Please check them out.

Finally, I’m pleased to announce that we will be holding two more half-day workshops this spring, both on Saturday, April 27 in Chelmsford, MA. The theme is universal: job success. Karen Giventer will lead a workshop on job-hunting. Her tips and insights have helped me, and I know they can help you. In turn, I will be leading a workshop on writing for and working with people of different generations, expanding on my presentation at both InterChange and CONDUIT. These workshops will be open to the public but optimized for technical communicators. Two-for-one pricing will be available. Watch the website for details.

Steve Jong

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