Volunteer Opportunities

The New England Chapter is seeking a new round of leadership and energy. We have tasks big and small, one-time tasks and year-long positions, and much more. Whether you have a few minutes or want to take on a larger role, we can find a task for you. 

The benefits that come from volunteering with the chapter range from skills to add to your resume to a network of your peers. We look forward to working with you.


The primary role of chapter leadership is to organize and focus our efforts to move us forward.

Leadership roles are a great way to add to your skill set. Interested in being a team lead? Moving into management? Volunteering as a chapter leader is an excellent way to add to your skill set by gaining experience in tasks that don't always fall to the technical writer. The experience you gain from chapter leadership can advance your career.

We are seeking a President and Vice President. These are big roles to fill so we want to take a creative approach and are looking for one or two people who can work together, with the current council and advisers, to set the course for the next years.

Resources: STC Community Handbook, Community Affairs Committee, STC email lists with other chapter leaders, Leadership Day at the Summit, experienced volunteers, and quite a few local past presidents who are very willing to help.


The Treasurer role is a one-year Council position. 

  • Manage chapter finances
  • Prepares annual report to the Society office
  • Prepares annual tax filings
  • Pays bills, manages day-to-day finances

10-20 hours/month (varies by time of year as tasks are due)

Resources: Treasurer Handbook from the STC

Web Design

Do you know WordPress or want to learn? We will be transitioning our web site to WordPress this summer. This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to learn the ins and outs of WordPress and looks great on your resume.

10-20 hours/month

Resources: Local gurus who are already working on the web site, a huge online WordPress community, STC email list for webmasters

Event Planner/Programs Coordinator

Do you enjoy event planning? Are you organized, detail-oriented, and want to energize our monthly programs? The Event Coordinator will plan monthly programs, find locations for events, and coordinate with speakers. We are breaking free from our monthly meetings at the same location with the same meal each month and seeking new and exciting locations for events that will be less costly for our members.

Resources: There are several people in the chapter who have filled this role and are happy to help someone learn the ropes, a large list of potential speakers, and some venues already lined up. You won't be starting from scratch, you will have an opportunity to shake things up.

10-20 hours/month

Smaller Tasks

Our chapter hasn't had committees in many years, we would like to assemble small groups of people to tackle the larger tasks, making them less daunting for everyone.

  • Website help, we're always looking for people to help with small tasks on the website such as posting program notices and minor content updates.
  • Program coordinators, help plan a program or recruit a speaker. Helping with even one program a year is a big help!
  • Webinar admin - Do you know Adobe Connect or would you like to learn?
  • Membership and Student Outreach

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