Patty Gale

As a learning content developer for a technical writing team at Autodesk, Patty Gale is involved in many aspects of the design, development, and production of learning content for 3D modeling software. As the information architect and content strategist for her team, she develops and maintains guidelines for the migration of help content from a book-based orientation to a DITA-compliant framework. A technical communicator for over 25 years, Patty has worked at businesses all sizes, from small start-ups to large corporations. Whether the sole writer or part of a larger team, Patty enjoys learning new technologies and determining the most effective way to share important information with users. She has received multiple awards from her employers and STC competitions, including an International Award of Distinguished Technical Communication. Patty presented at the STC Summit 2014 and STC New England Interchange 2014. She holds Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science and Business Management.

 Jody Zolli

Jody has been enjoying her work as a technical writer in the greater Boston area for 30 years. She helped create WPI's professional/technical writing program and was its first graduate. Jody is passionate about both product and documentation usability, and feels that technical writing is the perfect marriage between engineering and poetry.

John Garison

John Garison has been a technical writer since before CRT monitors were a thing. He delights in sharing information and war stories about interesting topics. John's experience in writing about operating systems, programming languages, business applications, and electronic health records (among other things) gives him a unique perspective on most things documentation-related. He's an STC Associate Fellow and taught technical writing at Harvard University. Despite living on a dead-end dirt road in rural Vermont, his gigabit fiber optic internet lets him keep up with the real world.
Stan Doherty

Stan Doherty lives in the the Boston area and works as a technical publications manager at SimpliVity Corporation. He participates as an active member of the OASIS DITA Technical Committee and DITA Adoption Committee. Sta also supports companies in New England considering DITA. Feel free to contact Stan if you are considering DITA, DITA tools, or DITA-aware CCMSs. In previous jobs at Akamai Technologies, MathWorks Inc., and Sun Microsystems, Stan has implemented DITA-based solutions for manuals, CSHelp, and web-hosted information centers. 
Deborah Femia

Deborah Femia currently works at SimpliVity Corp. as an Information Engineering Infrastructure Engineer.
Brett Peruzzi

Brett Peruzzi has worked in the technical communications field for over 25 years as a technical writer, editor, and documentation manager. For the past six years, he has, in addition to his documentation manager role, also served as a software product manager. Brett previously taught in Northeastern University's master's level technical writing program, from which he also graduated. Brett also holds a bachelor's degree in English from Bridgewater State University and a certificate in project management from Boston University.
Jeff Hanson

Jeff is a Subject Matter Expert for Revit, Autodesk’s 3D modeling software for architects. He has worked with the Revit Learning Experience team for over 9 years. When the team adopted the Agile framework, Jeff became the team's Product Owner, representing user interests and helping to prioritize the team's work. He also contributes topic reviews, artwork, and real-world examples, analyzes customer feedback, and produces video tutorials.  In addition to his duties at Autodesk, Jeff teaches a Revit course at New Hampshire Technical Institute. Before joining Autodesk, Jeff worked as an architect.
Dorothy Van Lingen

Localization veteran Dorothy van Lingen is Net-Translators’ Director of Localization Strategy. Based in the Boston area, Dorothy brings years of experience in the localization industry managing both Operations and Sales teams. Dorothy guides her clients through localization best-practices and provides solutions to clients’ ever-changing localization needs. She has studied numerous foreign languages and holds an MBA in International Business.
Rick Lippincott

Rick Lippincott is an Associate Fellow in the STC, and has written about hardware systems for most of his 30 years in technical communication. His assignments have included documentation for military transport aircraft, jet engines, ion implantation devices, telecom systems, core network switches, and high-energy X-ray systems. He is a former president of STC New England, and is the author of the Squadron/Signal publication “C-5 Galaxy in Action.”

Liz Fraley

Before founding Single-Sourcing Solutions, Liz worked in both high-tech and government sectors, developing and delivering technical design and strategy of authoring and publishing solutions as a Single-Source/XML Architect/Programmer. She’s the founder of TC Camp, the unconference for content creators, consumers, and the people who support them. If you ask her, she’ll say she’s a gardener who’s happiest when those around her are flourishing.
Karen Giventer

Karen Giventer is a career technical writing contractor who experiences job searches routinely as part of her contracting career. Karen is very enthusiastic and optimistic about job searching and enjoys sharing her techniques with others. She has a unique presentation style and a complete strategy for job-finding that really works!
Deb Sauer

Deborah is a Principal Technical Writer in the User Experience group at Sonos, Inc., creators of a family of wireless smart speakers and home audio products. She is responsible for an assortment of content, including online guides and online Help systems, in 12 languages. Her days are filled with pushing authoring tools to their limits, tinkering in code, refining user interface text, researching the latest trends in information development/delivery, writing content, managing localization, and, most importantly, making sure the experience comes first. She earned a Master’s Degree in Technical and Professional Writing from Northeastern University, and then taught in the graduate program there. Deborah is an STC Fellow and served on the international STC Board of Directors as Assistant to the President for Conferences. She has won numerous STC awards, including four STC Outstanding Service Awards, several awards in the Boston Chapter Technical Publications Competition, and an STC International Award of Recognition. She owned and operated Deborah Sauer Consulting for 12 years, providing content development, consulting, and training services to clients such as Land O’Lakes, iRobot, Philips Consumer Electronics, Sprint, Avid Technology, Carl Zeiss, and Hewlett Packard.

Viqui Dill

As a technical writer for American Woodmark in Winchester, VA, Viqui is passionate about continued education and lifelong learning for those in our field. Sharing the tips and tricks she has gathered in her 15 years as a writer, she is actively promoting networking with other writers to help us all learn and stay connected. Viqui describes herself as "Technical writer, wife and mom, bass player, worship leader, I'm happiest when folks sing along with me."

Todd Deluca

Todd DeLuca ( has over 15 years of experience as a senior technical writer and currently manages a technical communication department. His professional background includes graphic design, editing, client communication, and software development documentation. Todd is an STC Senior Member and Conference Chair of the 2016 Summit (and 2016 STC Director candidate). Recent STC activities include Philadelphia Metro Chapter president (receiving a Distinguished Chapter Service Award) and Community Affairs Committee outreach team member. Todd has an MA in technical and scientific communication from Miami University (Ohio) and speaks at various regional and national conferences.

 Char-James Tanny

Currently working in Technical Publications at Schneider Electric, Char has over 35 years of experience as a technical communicator. She has spoken around the world on topics including accessibility, Help authoring concepts and tools, social media, web standards, collaboration, and technology. She is a member of the Boston Accessibility Group and the Primary Coordinator of the Boston Accessibility Event.
 Steve Jong

Steven Jong is an Associate Fellow of STC. For the New England Chapter he is the coordinator of the mentoring program and managing editor of the STC New England News. Steve was the first chairman of the STC Certification Commission, a former member of the STC Board of Directors, a President's Award winner (2012), and a past President of the New England (Boston) Chapter. He holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Boston University. Steve works as a Senior Technical Writer at Oracle in Marlborough, Massachusetts.
Cindy Currie

Cindy is a senior program manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, with 32+ years experience in technical communications, project and program management, and leadership communications. She is an STC Fellow, a former STC Board member, including Society Past President, has many years of experience as a speaker at local, regional, and national conferences, and was a 10-year member of the original InterChange conference planning committee.

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